What is a "Stunfence"?

A Stunfence is a security electric fence. These are becoming a preferred option for perimeter security where a deterrent is also desirable.
They are used in domestic (housing estates), industrial and government perimeter security. This includes factories, utilities (telecom and power), ports, airports, prisons and borders to name a few.
This site and the links below only refer to "non lethal" electric fences (NLEF). Non lethal electric fences are powered by a high voltage pulse generator called an energiser. These are also known as energizers, chargers and controllers.
The fence usually contains an array of live live wires spaced at approximately 100mm (4in) and extending to approximtely 1.8m (6ft) high. The fence is designed to make it impossible to go through or over without touching the wires. If the wires are cut or shorted. an alarm is activated.
Electric fence energisers designed for security are much more complicated than agricultural units. Contrary to popular opinion, they are not more powerful, nor more dangerous, than farm energisers. Non lethal security energisers are covered by the same international safety standards as farm electric fence energisers.
The pulse is approximately 10000V (10kV) but lasts for only approximately 100 microseconds. It is safe because the energy and or peak current is limited to a level below that which would send a human heart into ventricular fibrillation.
Security energisers contain many more features than agricultural energisers including a monitor circuit which checks that the fence is operating correctly and sounds an alarm (often silent) if it is being tampered with. In operation they resemble a building alarm panel, complete with keypad, arming codes etc.

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